04 Stages of Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement is not only about Holi, Diwali or Rangoli. 🎉🎈🎇 It typically means engaging, aligning them to Organisation's Goal, Vision, Mission, Policies etc. It's Actually About Improving the Employee…
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Hire Character. Train Skill.

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Many companies hire employees for their character and then train them on the job. They do this with the idea that you can teach skill, but cannot change a person's…
Interactive Pictorial HR Manual

Interactive Pictorial HR Manual

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COSMIQUE CONSULTANTS presents to you an 📘INTERACTIVE PICTORIAL HR MANUAL 📘 Get your HR Policy and Welcome of new Entrants more Charming and engaging Includes: All your company policy📝 Rules and Regulations📑…
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Strategic Performance Management System

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Traditionally, performance evaluations have been effective tools to assist organizations in making pay decisions and to support various employment actions. Today, an increasing number of companies use appraisals strategically to…
System audit in HR

System Audit’s Miracles

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Most Entrepreneurs Spend too Much Time Looking Outside For Answers That Can Only be Found Inside. System Audit Proves to be the best Solutions for all type of business to…
Financial Audit

Importance Of Audit In A Business

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FOR WHAT IT IS A MUST?? For any type and size of working and Growing Business, Audit is a must. But specially for the Business who visions to be ever…
The Almond Story HR case study

The Almond Story

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Just like every bosses in the world, even he was facing some issues with her immediate subordinate Ms. Mary. Ms. Mary had started working as Executive Assistant to The Managing…
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50 Most Positive One Liners

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Have a firm handshake. Look people in the eye. Sing in the shower. Own a great stereo system. If in a fight, hit first and hit hard. Keep secrets. Never…
Branding Designing Marketing in HR

WHY Does A Business Create Its Brand?

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How does that Brand Value help the Business accelerate? WHY doesn’t an Individual (may be an EMPLOYEE) creates his own Brand Value? It’s not only Companies which need to create…