WHY Does A Business Create Its Brand?

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How does that Brand Value help the Business accelerate?

WHY doesn’t an Individual (may be an EMPLOYEE) creates his own Brand Value?

It’s not only Companies which need to create a Brand Value for themselves. Coming are the days when an Individual’s Brand Value would be the selling / negotiating point for them.

No CV’s or Resumes or any other normal Profile would work. What would work is, the Brand in the CV / Resume / Profile.

Creating your Own Individual USP / Brand would make wonders for you every time when you seek for an opportunity or when you negotiate in your Appraisals.
Here let’s discuss some easy ways of CREATING AN INDIVIDUAL BRAND VALUE:

Know Yourself and Your Domain:

Know inside out about you – your strengths, weakness, threat and opportunities you have and you can create.
So, should you know about your Domain Expertise.
Wait, wait! Have you created or figured out your DOMAIN? That’s the First Step.

Research, Research and Research:

Your Research Mode should never pause.
This cycle should never stop. As that helps you create new ideologies in your DOMAIN.


While implementing your Research and Current Ideologies, keep a watch on FUTURE. WHAT’S COMING UP NEXT and BEING AHEAD OF TIME is key to Win any opportunity.

Do your HOMEWORK well:

Before entering any Interview, Meeting or Negotiations, know it all about the agenda and most importantly CREATE YOUR OWN AGENDA. Know well about the Person, Agenda, Current Scenario, Future and WHAT ARE YOU GONNA CONTRIBUTE IN THE FUTURE?

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