The Almond Story

The Almond Story HR case study

Just like every bosses in the world, even he was facing some issues with her immediate subordinate Ms. Mary.

Ms. Mary had started working as Executive Assistant to The Managing Director. Slowly and gradually, with her talent, she climbed up the Ladder as Accounts cum Admin Incharge with his Company. But she still continued to assist Mr. MD for his crucial work like Quotation, Tender, Customer Communication, etc.

Ms. Mary was either forgetful or didn’t took her weakness seriously to overcome it. Every now and then Mr. MD had to remind her of some critical task given to her and take follow up to ensure it is done.

It was all okay till it was a small company. Now that company was growing and had some surprisingly big expansions, it was being irritating for Mr. MD to keep taking follow ups and keep giving reminders. Hence, while he was thinking to solve this problem from root cause and stop having verbal arguments every time with Ms. Mary. He got an fabulous idea which was different and most importantly avoided arguments.

Every time Mary forgot anything he started offering her Almonds (hahahaha) as sign to improve memory. And guess what within a month time idea of Almonds really started showing its effect.

No, no! neither did she ate almonds nor did she improve her memory. But, took her forgetting nature seriously and found a solution herself. She took help of technology – mobile apps and created TO DO list with its expected completion time. Which was like a Virtual Assistant to herself. And this is how she could improvise in Timely completion of her Job without any more reminders.

And now the ALMONDS are less or probably not offered.


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