Significance of HR in SME’s-

Have your ever wondered why most of the Organizations specially SMEs struggle to attract and Identify who’s the Best Fit??

If you are an organization struggling with similar Hiring Issues then here’s a quick check list that may help to identify the right reason and correct it:
 Having correct Job Description: Do you have a scientifically written Job Description which speaks clearly about the Job Profile and helps your Recruiting Team identify who is the Right Fit.
Tip: Do include Job Profile, required qualification, experience, knowledge, skills and competencies.

 Identify the Right Source: There are various sources available for hiring right from Campus to Employee referrals, recruiting agencies, recruiting portals, to digital media like LinkedIn. But every position is unique and hence the source of hiring needs to be choosed accordingly.
Tip: See where your Best Required fit is more available on which source. Choose it carefully.

 Having Recruitment Process in place: What is your process – steps for recruitment and selection. It helps to document and standardize and ease the process. It will also help you to Filter and identify the Best Fit. For example – having any psychometric assessments can help you know the candidate’s personality and behavior patterns, etc. Similarly, practical test can help you know candidate’s work knowledge and efficiency.
Tip: Having simple yet well designed process will help you to map the required competencies. It can be little different for various positions as per the requirement of position.

 Deciding the Salary Budget: While deciding the salary budget do consider current salary trend in your organization for same level. But while doing so do consider qualification, experience, skills and knowledge of current people specially consider the Nature of Job.
Tip: You may check the Industry Market Trends while deciding the Budget along with all other factors.
These are some basic pre requisites for every organization to help get Right Talent in Right Time in Right Salary Package.

Some Facts: Did you Know that:
75% of candidates will research a company’s reputation before applying for a job opening.
92% of people would consider changing jobs if offered a role with a company with an excellent corporate reputation.

Hence Dear Entrepreneurs do keep an eye on your market reputation for hiring and culture.

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