Workforce Trends in 2021

Create and Communicate well defined work (includes work from home):

If you want Masters than don’t treat them to become Jacks of all Trades .πŸ’―πŸ’₯

As they say Business don’t make wonders, their people do. Hence if you want your Business to make wonders in 2021, you now know who can make that happen.

Here are Few Tips or Steps for making your people create wonders:

β€’ Clearly define and communicate the Vision and Objective. πŸ’―
β€’ Let people know what’s expected from them and what’s the purpose of hiring them and what is their scope of work. 🎯
β€’ Basically, clearly define their Job Roles with clear demarcations of their accountability areas. πŸ’₯
β€’ The clearer the Job role is defined more focused the person shall be. More the focus more the productivity.
β€’ Also to accelerate and make their Job more successful help them design and achieve those small small milestones.
β€’ Most important give them timely and more often but well planned and systematic feedbacks / reviews to help them understand their goods and bads.
β€’ Help them overcome their Grey areas which are critical for achievement of their Job Goal.
Stay tuned for further insights.

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