Behavioral Development

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Behavioral Development

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Executive Coaching

Being one of the most acknowledged and spoken part of Behavioral Development, we at Cosmique Consultants offer our clients with Goal Oriented and Result Focused coaching program by providing: Various coaching tools,Assessments,360 degree feedback methodologies and Developed strategies and action plans.

This service provided by Cosmique Consultants gifts our client with a new and ever widening vision to see themselves and other people, boosting confidence with existing strength and improving relationships on personal as well as a professional level.

Change Management

Acceptance of change proves to be a very tough challenge to face. Cosmique consultants smoothens this transition from current to desired stage at organizational level through: Process Maps, Analysis Methodologies and Domain Specific Models

Our systemic and proactive approach enables our client to manage this transition seamlessly and thus overcome this challenge.

Team Building

A single person cannot whistle a symphony. It takes an entire orchestra to play it.

Cosmique Consultants provide our clients with team building skills through activities like: Mentoring our clients, Discussing success factors for an effective field, Team Leading and Team building and Strengthening activities

We have successfully implemented such activities which ultimately helped our clients to gain the much needed trust among employees and to build a healthy work culture and environment

First Time Managers

Stepping out of a comfort zone as an employee and stepping in to lead a team is always a challenging task. Cosmique Consultants are here to train first-time managers, to help them in developing themselves as strong team leaders and lead a team with an iron hand.

Our trainings would include team building activities, leadership skills, developmental sessions and more.
We strive inculcate a consistent learning atmosphere among first time managers to prepare themselves professionally and mentally for their responsibility.

Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisals becomes a controversial and misjudged topic in HR Management systems due to the involvement of expectations of people.

At Cosmique Consultants, apart from traditional trait and behavioral methods we:Analyze and evaluate employees with modern methods,Take 360 degree feedbacks, Follow management by objectives method and Conduct supervisor, peer and even self appraisals

Our effective appraisals system has assisted our clients in promising and making cogent decision during their annual appraisals, further necessary training and development programs thus providing encouragement of their workforce.

Negotiation Skills

“We do not get what we deserve, but we do get what we negotiate”

We at Cosmique Consultants would provide you with the service of developing the negotiation skills of your employees for the success of your organization with the help of: Negotiation activities, Discussion panels and One to one counseling

Development of such skills would help in the steady of rise of personality development of your employees and would result in them putting their best foot forward to contribute in the rise of your organization.

Manager as Catalyst

Bringing in sustainable and structural changes in any company requires immense experience and knowledge. Cosmique Consultants are ready to take up the Responsibility of Manager as Catalyst and take up the responsibilities of bringing in vital changes in the philosophy as well as practice of your company.


COSMIQUE Business Academy

First impression is the last impression. In order to provide your organization with the standard it deserves, employees need to be trained in presentation skills and etiquettes, such as: Interview etiquettes, Self grooming, Workplace ethics and Client meetings etiquettes.