HR Consulting & Partnering

Tailored HR services for your unique needs

HR Consulting & Partnering

“ People – Good, Bad, Brilliant or vibrant, an organization’s culture is dictated by its workforce. It is the culture which defines the company’s image in the external world ’’

Roles & Responsibilities

‘Who’ is responsible for ‘What’ is exactly what we answer while clarifying the Job responsibilities / Job Roles.Our main focus is to Define job roles thereby giving clarity of responsibilities, Support talent acquisition and retention process, Track efficient recruitment, Brainstorm on Key Performance Areas (KPA) and Key Responsibility Areas (KRA), Organize structure thus ultimately achieving team and organization goals and support performance management too

Career Framework

From selection of your employees to their on boarding in the organization, we take responsibility of all the challenges that come with this process. We, at Cosmique Consultants: Recognize, Develop and Implement an appropriate career framework for your employees, Improve the effectiveness of an organization, Offer an opportunity to the employees to take responsibility of their career development, and Ensure that the framework developed by us remains aligned with the current business needs. We assure that these services of ours would ensure employee retention. We as a company believe that Happy Employees are the Most Productive Employees

Performance Management

Cosmique Consultants has well set and domain-specific guidelines for Performance Management, Evaluation and Appraisals that ensures increased productivity and role effectiveness. We perform this management by Defining the purpose of specific roles and responsibilities its goals and outcomes, Prioritizing each job responsibility, By availing 360-degree performance feedback and through diligent coaching and mentoring. It gives our a client certain freedom from the most complex and time-consuming task of HR: function management.


Every business is unique, and so are their KRA’s and KPA’s!

While working on Key Responsibility Area (KRA) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for you, being your HR Business Partner, Cosmique Consultants will evaluate your Organization Structure, Work Culture and Goals. Along with the Job Descriptions and Job Specifications, we work on KRAs that keep a team focused and accountable. KPI being a critical progress indicator for intended results at individual and organizational level, we analyze your Leading and Lagging Indicators and Manage Unique Measurable KPIs, so you can focus on the core areas of your business.

Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping plays a very crucial role in Attracting and Retaining the right talent pool in Talent Acquisition, Performance Appraisal and Training & Development programs. Cosmique Consultants performs this mapping through a varied range of Job analysis, Technical and functional analysis, Behavioral analysis, Skill or Competency Matrix, Skill Gap Analysis and Managerial Analysis.

Through our services, our clients can develop Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that will further help in HR Interventions, Succession Planning and Leadership Development.

Compensation & Benefits

Gone are the days of traditional HR C&B Policy Formulations. We choose to develop with time and provide you with services like Evaluating your business strategies and associated contingent factors, Designing your compensation and benefits policies, Revising your monetary and non monetary plans, Developing compensation framing models.

We believe in developing a great workforce, in order to prove an overall cost efficacy and productivity to your organization

Competency & Rollout

Competency Framework adapted by Cosmique Consultants would enable your employees to look into themselves and bring out the best versions by Identifying and Acknowledging their skills and capabilities. Also by eliminating their incompetence, your employees would contribute to your organization by putting their best foot forward.

System & Culture Designing

The success of a company resides in its Values and Cultures. Cosmique Consultants would closely work with your Human Capital. Our vast HRM experience establishes our Cultural Evaluation and Re-Evaluation Protocols. Our designing would bridge the gap between the employees and the overall management by propelling our Baseline Organizational Assessment, Rapid Prototyping and Development of an implementation roadmap.

Improved Employee Relation is a sign of satisfaction that clients would appreciate.

HR Handholding

Audits and Employee Satisfaction Survey has propelled Cosmique Consultants where we stand today. We empower your HR team with HR Policy Makings, Legal Compliance, Labor relations, Mandatory Sops, Retention and Welfare Programs and HR Analytics. Assessment & Development Centers

Irrespective of domain and company size, Assessment and Development Centers being the need of the hour now, Cosmique Consultants has a pool of expert assessors with a diverse background. During our assessment session, every employee is analyzed through Group discussions, Management game, Personality profiling, Psychometric tests and Case studies.

This service has proven its need, accuracy and cost efficiency in Recruitment and Employer Branding remarkably