Learning, Training & Development

Tailored HR services for your unique needs

Learning, Training & Development

We bring to you all kinds of Professional Trainings, Developmental Workshops and Meticulous Evaluations to aid with your company ethics

Customized Training Modules

Cosmique Consultants have training modules, which are freshly developed, designed and customized by the hands of seasoned expertise and experience. We are happy to present you with these modules which would be of need during training programs

Activity Based Interactive Workshops

Cosmique Consultants aims to develop your employees to fit perfectly in a business atmosphere. Interactive workshops for Interviews, Client to Client Communication, Negotiation Skills, Self-Grooming Workshops etc are held to ensure that the employees of your company are the best versions of themselves

Workers to Top Management Level Trainings

Cosmique Consultants offer training for employees to develop their forte and step up the ladder towards top level management. In the hands of our seasoned expertise, your employees would receive a new approach towards their capabilities and contribute to the rise of the organization.

Highly Experienced Domain Experts

Cosmique Consultants will present you with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to study and evaluate your company’s policies, give you vital insights and ultimately help your employees and organization to develop themselves to their best abilities and give their best performance throughout.

Effective Evaluation of Training

After every training, a thorough evaluation of the knowledge gained by the employees as well as the skills achieved by them answer the effectiveness of any training program. Our team strives to evaluate every skill and information gained by the employees in order to understand their development during the training.

Training Topics

Special Training Offerings

HR for Non-HR

Outbound Training Programs

Coaching Great Place to Work

Higher quality in terms of values and ethics

Each and every service of Cosmique Consultants towards your organization will breathe Integrity and Morality. We believe in doing things in a Proper, Correct and Ethical manner. Upholding the Values and Policies of any organisation is the benchmark of our company, because we believe in Qualitative and Ethical efforts than Quantitative and Unethical means of service.

Weed out the decaying processes and policies

Anything unsubstantial needs to be eradicated as soon as possible to stop the damage. This applies to the decaying policies of an organization as well. Eradication of these policies which prove to be a hindrance during the formulation or implementation of newly developed policies would be our responsibility to undertake

Learning and growth for all

Learning and Knowledge is an everlasting process. The growth of an employee resides in its curiosity to attain knowledge. We at Cosmique Consultants believe in inculcating a learning atmosphere in organizations. By organizing developmental workshops and theory sessions we wish to implement the knowledge attained to a much commercial level, which would contribute to the betterment of your organization.

Create a brand value with credible methods

A company’s most valuable possession resides in its Brand Value. We at Cosmique Consultants realize the importance of a brand value and help your organization create the same. We believe in assessing your company’s marketing and service activities, cash flows, savings and aim to help your organization give it the key push of credibility and reliability of our services for your  company to achieve a consistent rise of brand equity.

360 degree feedback

Cosmique Consultants would study and evaluate your employee’s performance and credibility. Our seasoned expertise would prepare a meticulous analysis which would give a 360 degree feedback, assessing and evaluating your employee’s skills, drawbacks, strengths
and thought processes which would help your organization in designating them to a position at which their capabilities match.

Customer focus and quality

Emphasis on the needs and demands of a customer, is the benchmark of every organization around the world. However fulfilment of these needs is a sign of dedication and commitment that the organization provides. We at Cosmique Consultants believe in providing qualitative efforts in our services to answers the needs of our customers and clients. Focusing on the requirements of our clients and effectively implementing our services has propelled Cosmique to where it stands today.

Neutral View to Ease Execution Process

Our services are propelled and fuelled through our Consistent Hard Work, Seasoned Expertise, New Approach and Fresh Ideas. We at Cosmique Consultants believe in working Smarter than Harder. Keeping in mind your company’s work ethics and environment, we
strive to ease out the Implementation and Execution process, thus assisting your company to take another step up on the ladder towards a definite success.