4 Stages of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is not only about Holi, Diwali or Rangoli. 🎉🎈🎇

It typically means engaging, aligning them to Organisation’s Goal, Vision, Mission, Policies etc.

It’s actually about Improving the Employee Experience 😇

It’s very widely said that “Engaged Employees are Productive Employees” 👨🏻‍💼👩🏻‍💼🤩🤝

What is more important is to understand Why, When and How can we Engage the minds of our Stakeholders towards our NEW NORMAL.

So, at what all Stages can we Engage our Employees??

  1. Since Selection: Once we select our right fit, our new entrant, update them about their role, required knowledge and skills to outperform.  which can definitely help him / her come prepared. Helping them know more about their new team and New BOSS 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ from this Stage will help him / her for easy settlement. Extending an supportive hand for making his / her transition journey smooth, from previous to his/her new organisation will surely start making him / her feel welcome already. Don’t forget making them feel welcome and supported is what will tie the first knot right.
  2. After Joining: Flash Mob, Welcome Letter, Team Lunch and what all do we do to make our new Entrant feel warm, welcome and comfortable at his/her new workplace. While that is very important, can we just do one more thing- Communicate. Communicate with them very clearly about all what is expected and what can help them grow here in their new organisation. This is the most correct time to let them know the Benchmarks of your organisation. Also to start the Belongingness Journey. Let them know why and how are they an important resource (look to be) and how can they make their marks. But don’t (even unintentionally) pass your bias to them. Let them freely explore while we help them be on track.
  3. Anytime During Employment Tenure: During Festivals or any such occassion we do celebrate and engage our people by arranging various competitions, by playing games like Secret Santa. Can we just customise such activities to link it to the Goals and policies ? Lets make it more effective. Creating Situational Leaders and more bonded team can be one of our objectives. For Instance, while one of our client was celebrating Business Integrity Week, we had arranged for various activities like Blind Walk (team or pair game), Free Fall, Paint your definition of Business Integrity which you would want to endorse, business game which was customise to their Business Integrity Policy, tower power, holding marshmallows, etc. Its just about being a little creative and holding the entire team to a theme.

Tip: You can do value roll outs while planning your next activity.

  1. After Exit: Ex-Employees / Alumni are the most important asset you can nuture as they are your Brand Ambassadors and can increase the trust and Brand Value of your organisation. How can you engage them ? By just doing some very simple gesture like update them of the project that they were a part of and recognising their efforts in it. Just by staying connected by letting them know your organisations and his / her Ex-Team’s update (to whatever extent possible) and most important by showing some genuine concern about how are they doing in their Personal and Professional Life. And if possible arranging an Alumni (Ex-Employee) meets.

To know Why, What, and How of Employee Engagement, do watch the video: 👇

**Pls Note: This video was made during Live Event of LAJA.

Happy Learning, Happy Engaging…

Thank You!!


Supriya Kabra


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