Competency Mapping

Did you know , with the help of Competency Mapping, YOU can retain the best suitable talent for your organization?

Let’s know some interesting facts about Competency Mapping-

WHY- It increases your awareness of existing skill sets as well as skill gaps in the organization. This helps you make informed decisions when out comes to-

Aligning the learning of your existing employees with required skills


HOW – The process of Competency Mapping is as follows-

Methods of Competency Mapping

Choosing right method to assess and rate Competencies.


Do you want to force scores to be either better or worse than average?

Will you be using competency ratings to drive succession planning?

Importance of Competency Mapping

Did you know,As per the survey results, Competency Mapping increases the awareness of existing skill sets and bridges the gap in Organization?

Competency Mapping also helps you make decisions when it comes to-

Competency mapping helps you design the growth path of individuals and team

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